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I can handle anything.

Everything that needs to be done will get done

             …when it needs to be.

Let go, fear less, and LOVE more.

Today is a present, open it with curiosity and joy.

I am acutely aware of the toxins that run through my cells. I am hyper-sensitive to suffering and tension. I can feel pain a generation away. I can sense dissention in the most subtle expression.

I use to absorb all this negative energy. It made me hate myself and everything I touched. I was terrified to share my true thoughts and feelings. I condemned myself and built a wall. Silence was my defence.

Thank God, Tao, Mother Nature and Loving Touch that I have found my voice. I can now speak for the voiceless. I am a weaver of  love, hope, and faith. I have found a way to share the pain, stir conscience and reflect brilliance. In all chaos awaits beauty.

With all my research on brain development, I have learned that I do not have as many “filters”/templates within my brain chemistry to block out all the stimuli (i.e sounds, smells, feelings). I am constantly taking in so much data in any given moment. So a few years ago, I came up with a few affirmation statements to filter my thoughts, behaviors, and feelings through. My son had drawn a rainbow that I had hanging on our refrigerator and I took it down to proclaim the following:

I can handle anything.

Everything that needs to be done will get done

             …when it needs to be.

Let go, fear less, and LOVE more.

Today is a present, open it with curiosity and joy.

I put it back on my fridge and read it every time my chest tightens, my voice raises, the negative tape overrides, or when my kids act out. I refuse to pass on anymore negative energy onto my children. There is enough suffering in the world to endure. I choose to give them a safe space to express all their thoughts, feelings, and emotions so the sun’s warmth may be appreciated and a rainbow, their light have the opportunity to  manifest.

Here is what this random creation looks like which now rests in my binder as I travel. I periodically added new messages that my body, mind, and soul needed to hear when I get triggered.

I thank a past therapist who listened to my ramblings and gave me many resources, one being a website for a highly sensitive person:


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