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I use to believe in an almighty Father. I thought my parents knew it all. I believed babies had to be born in hospitals and that cribs and bottles were essential. I thought family beds were creepy. I knew to never talk about sex, religion or politics. I believed it was a woman’s job to meet men’s needs no matter what. I thought schools were the best environment for learning. I believed I had to be perfect but knew I was not. I thought yelling was the only way to get someone to hear you. I believed jails and the death penalty were needed. I thought rap was offensive and country music was whiney. I believed there was an auto-pilot for drunk driving. I thought chiropractors were hogwash and acupuncture was voodoo. I believed there were bad kids and crazy people. I did not think I could afford college. I knew I was going to hell and life was not worth living…

To be honest, I am embarrassed to share some other things I use to think. I don’t believe any of the above anymore, although I am still not a fan of country and rap music, though I can see their value as giving a voice and reflecting the culture they live in. I also couldn’t really afford college and will be paying my student loans for a very long time. It seems impossible to write all that I know now but here’s a few off the top of my head:

I only know what I know and don’t know what I don’t know.

Everything and everyone has value.

Everyone is inherently good and doing the best we can with the resources we are aware of.

All feelings are valid.

Negativity comes from a state of stress and/or unmet need.

That anger usually masks a weakness.

There are many ways to the same endpoint.

I can only control my own responses and no one else’s.

To LET GO of pre-conceived notions, assumptions or expectations, FEAR LESS, and LOVE MORE.

I believe in mindfulness, being authentic, healing, empathy, faith, active listening, honesty, innate intelligence, balance, reading, introspection, touch, crying, integrity, taking responsibility, dialogue, humility, unconditional love, self-actualization, reflection, compassion, sensitivity, acceptance, patience, relationships, the central nervous system, respect, non-violence, and emotional intelligence.

When I educate myself, practice what I learn, and feel supported, validated and heard, then my innate intelligence is empowered and my sense of wellness and strengths grow exponentially.

I know nurturing children’s emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social needs is my profession and passion.

I do believe in a greater power, and it is in me and in you, and everywhere in between.

There are no bad people, only those with more pain to heal and vital needs met.

I believe we are all made of god and I have found my heaven.


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