I have been learning a lot of about outer space with my kids and it amazes me how our planet is extremely vulnerable. It reminds again of the miracle of life, the dynamic interplay of all the seen and the unknown, and how precious every day is. I had first been awakened to this awareness after experiencing a few miscarriages, the last one being a stillbirth. The loss of life made me conscious of how I must prioritize and nurture my wellbeing and all those who grace my presence. I chose not to conceive again till I was fear-less, accepting that every day with the baby within could still end in death yet chose to appreciate the value of her life to help me slow me down, connect to my own rhythms and nurture myself.

When I faced my own fears of death, I discovered what scared me most was leaving my children in a world filled with fears, suffering, and traumatized souls; that they would be robbed of their mother’s unconditional love and support. It was then I made it my mission to dedicate my life to creating peace and love in the world so, in the time of my death, my children would be surrounded in the love and light I had cultivated. I believe we are all born with a unique purpose and innate intelligence rooted in love and trust. My greatest desire is to empower everyone I meet to discover their light so our universe will radiate with an abundance of resources and love. When we choose to be conscious of our vulnerability and power, every moment becomes a gift, an opportunity to connect, heal, and grow. Be (a) present. 

photo from https://quotes.thefamouspeople.com/deepak-chopra-1209.php