When I first saw this slide it was titled “Love based parenting vs Fear based parenting.” It displayed vividly the continuum I have felt in my heart, the dichotomy that exists in our society, and the constant conflict I face when I show others love based interventions. It is impossible to believe they truly work when you are in the grips of fear and perpetually stressed. One is constantly being triggered into a reactionary state when our stress buckets are full and our vital needs are neglected. Taking deep breaths and becoming mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions helps us slow down and choose an appropriate loving and respectful RESPONSE to relieve stress and get every one’s needs met. Feeling safe is VITAL for optimal growth and connection. Choose LOVE, please.

click link for full webinar from Dr Bryan Post and Helen Timpone: http://www.postinstitute.com/PostU/webinar.pdf

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