When I am mindful and present, I feel peaceful and content. Yet it often feels I live in a fear-based, you-will-be-blamed- shamed- and- antagonized -till -you-give -what- you- owe- me kind of world. It is maddening and quite exhausting. If I could draw this sentiment, this is what my comic strip would look like…

Me trying to do a standing yoga pose with a bullseye board behind me; knives, arrows, cell-phones, computers, TVs are being thrown and hitting me every where. There would be a thinking bubble coming up from my grimacing, shocked face of me doing a supreme yoga pose, every projectile has perfectly missed me as well as created an outline of a scenic background, and I have a serene look on my face. And then some random, giant finger pointing at me and pops my dream bubble.

…after a bit of introspection, I thought it ironic how one of my dreams is to create relationship self-help books in comic book form yet after many failed drawings, I gave up. So in the last frame of this comic strip, instead of a random finger popping bubble, it is actually me bursting the bubble with one the projectiles after falling out of the pose I was attempting. Because let’s be honest; it is my own fears, negative reactions/habits, and self-defeating thoughts compelling me to give up.

Cheers to dreaming and reality merging!