WANTED: A MOTHER. No previous experience necessary. Will train on the job. Must be willing to work long hours seven day a week. Must be able to clean the most awful messes. Must be able to be adaptable to perform a variety of odd jobs every day. Must be willing to work with children of all ages. Must be tactful with the adult male who tries to rule his domain from the couch while watching endless hours of sports. No over time pay. In fact salary will consist of hugs and messy kisses. Must have a loud voice that can for the tenth time kindly say, “go to your room.” Must be prepared to cook at least three meals a day and 5 snacks. Must be prepared without warning to have unexpected guests for supper. Some veterinarian experience would be helpful in dealing with numerous pets. Though not necessary, a masters degree in child psychology would be helpful. Must be willing to arbitrate between waring children. Must be willing to work at this job for about 26 years. At the end of this period you may apply for the position of Grandmother. Will not be fired. But you may not under any circumstances quit. Must apply in person. Be prepared to go to work immediately. Author—unknown.

Found this on a slide show from a newsletter:  http://www.slideshare.net/Terry34/communication-4408803

I think it funny that I had a Masters in Human Development and Family Studies and thought having a child would give me more credentials for my work. Yet after having my first child, I gained more empathy for parents and still didn’t feel qualified to be a mother. It has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life; allowing the child in me to grow, cry, and play along with my kids…

My heart goes out to every mother and caregiver who understands the necessary to put your wants aside to put another vulnerable soul’s needs first. There is a fine line between martyrdom and motherhood: may all mothers be blessed to find the unconditional love, encouragement and support you need to manifest the difference.

I recommend clicking on the link to read the full newsletter as it shares great tips on how to listen and communicate effectively with others when emotions rise.