My thoughts scatter and dig beyond…

When I look at anyone

I see their grandparents suffering

their parents controlling

their loved ones flailing

I hear children crying generations away

People die in my dreams

Or merely exist to pay their next fine

When I ask how you are, I want to hear the truth not the version you want me to believe

I want to plow sorrows so JOY may seed and grow

I am sick of pretending and keeping the illusion of clean while numbing our body, mind, soul with endless balms

Stress, hate, fear, intolerance kills more than germs could ever dare

I am tired of feeling I am crazy and the only one who cares

Not about stains, knots in my hair or mixed matched socks

There is more connecting us than marionette strings

Dear Tao, God, Mother Nature (or what ever your mind is open to conceive),

I surrender to the Great Flow and Unconditional Love

We will recover from fear, the delusion of control and ego

May each of our presence be known when is meant to be shown

And trust that grace and hope is always within reach…