Please check out this PowerPoint presentation:

The Power of Oxytocin: Discover the Breakthrough Hormone Essential for a Happy Home and Relationship by  Bryan Post with Helene Timpone, LCSW

slides #9 on “The Stress Model” and #10 on “Oxytocin Rich Parenting vs. Oxytocin Poor Parenting” are principles I visualize daily in my interactions with people, especially the little ones.

The first time I saw slide #10 at a “Beyond Consequences” training, it was tiled as a continuum from love-based to fear-based parenting.  Up to that point, I thought I was practicing positive, loving parenting yet shocked to learn I had so much room to grow. Now considering the traditional parenting styles I was more positive, yet I discovered that I was getting triggered into fear-based reactions,  emitting negative energy that was adding more stress to my son (and me), as well as trying to control him and inevitable circumstances.

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