The sage’s way,
Tao is the way of water.

There must be water for life to be,
and it can flow wherever.

And water, being true to being water
is true to Tao.

Those on the Way of Tao, like water
need to accept where they find themselves;
and that may often be where water goes to the lowest places, and that is right.

Like a lake the heart must be calm and quiet
having great depth beneath it.

the sage rules with compassion,
and his word needs to be trusted.

the sage needs to know like water
how to flow around the blocks
and how to find the way through without violence.

Like water, the sage should wait
for the moment to ripen and be right:

water, you know, never fights

it flows around without harm.

The Tao Te Ching
by Lao Tzu

Thanks to my partner for buying the Tao Te Ching 12 years ago. I am grateful I never gave up trying to understand it because the writings are finally making sense on many levels of my life and playing out seamlessly. This only happens when I let go of attachment to things or expectations, and truly desire only goodness for our world and our people. I am honoured to share this world with you!