Sadly, we have emotionally raped men and only left them with blunt objects to fight. Our boys our crying for so much more. Let’s unpack the “man box” and give men back their emotional tools and rights. Let’s cultivate empathy and mutual respect for feminine and masculine traits. We are unable to coexist peacefully without this level of connection and understanding. We are all part of something much greater, we nourish each other, we need eachother….

“…  men had been forced as boys to
adopt physical aggression as a defense. Although this
physicality no longer served them well in adulthood,
many men had no efficacious strategies to take its
place. They continued to have strong bodily arousal
when angry but few available mechanisms to safely
discharge the physical tension. Throwing hammers
and hitting computers provided little relief and left
them feeling foolish afterward. Withdrawal from a
scene of conflict prevented an embarrassing outburst
but provided no outlet for relief of the physical tension.
Men’s tendency to isolate themselves after an
anger incident has another drawback: There is no
opportunity to receive the affirmation, empathy, and
support that women often receive when they tell a
confidante what happened.”

excerpt from Men ‘ s anger: A phenomenological exploration of its meaning in a middle-class sample of American men by Sandra Thomas

Whenever you feel the urge to use blunt force, take a deep breath and hug!!!!

Here are some resources to cultivate emotional tools:

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