I hope at least one person will play the episode above and listen with heart. Here’s a few tid bits:

  • A monkey would prefer to cuddle all day with a soft fake monkey and only go to the wire version for quick sips of milk when dire only to rush back for more cuddles.
  • We can die without touch.
  • Some authority prescribed no-contact with parents because they thought they knew better.
  • I was reminded of hearing the second adio-story on autism a few years ago while commuting a few years ago. This is real life for more than you know.

EveryONE needs and deserves UNCONDITIONAL love and safe spaces to express one’s thoughts and feelings, especially the negative ones. LOVING, nurturing, positive RELATIONships and healthy stimulating environments go hand in hand. When fear dominates our brain than we sabotage our positive connections. Our society is suffering from relational poverty due to fear-based and controlling practices slathered with overabundance of technology and apathy. We may be connected online, yet DIS-connected in life. It is amazing how freeing one can feel when you let go of fears and judgement, embrace the worst case-scenarios and believe the BEST in everyone. We really can handle anything with love and support. Check out my post describing unconditional love: