I was pregnant for 19 out of 26 months and received One Amazing Spirit from the intense labour of love and great suffering. Here is an excerpt from a unique blog I read about Birth Pains and Transition. I think when you are holding the life of another in your womb and carry such responsibility that you need all the resources and support you can get. My definition of God is a bit different from what’s cited in this link, yet I feel it is just as powerful and the ending message is all the same.

“This week I invite you to surrender to the cycles of your life and your reality. Accept the beauty of where you are in your life cycle, whether you are cleansing, purging and renewing or growing, expanding or even ending. Love yourself as you move through change and transition. There is no “perfect” way to navigate through it all. It’s okay to scream and have a temper tantrum if that’s what it takes to get to the other side. Releasing that energy only makes room for clarity and peace. Each step in your journey is really about growth and expansion. Remember to take the contractions of transition, one contraction at a time. May you remember this week to Trust and know you are fully supported on your journey and may you remember that deep underneath all of this experience is really only the grandest expression of pure, unconditional Love.”

~Karen Curry