I am religious yet I do not go to church; well at least not one with a steeple.

The sky is its roof, and the floor I have yet to see.

The altar changes depending on the landscape and need.

The pews are made of mind, of earth and flesh.

The congregation is you and me, and everything that lives between regardless of genus, age, race, sexual orientation, or creed.

There is no separate room for crying babies or nursing mothers.  Children’s questions or exclamations are never shhh’ed.

There is no preacher but an all-seeing mirror of thoughts, of feelings, of touch, and non-action.

I believe in god but it takes many shapes and has no gender, of which I don’t pray to but with.

No fear of hell or reward of heaven; Each day is a present I am free to accept or not.

We are all baptized into One-Song when we crown, born perfect and deserving.

I choose to use what god bestows US and religiously BE.