A rush of relief, it feels sincere.

Beyond all belief, the beginning is here

My happy endings have become reality

And positive vibration has taken the worst of me

If I follow my bliss, then open more doors.

For that first kiss that brought me to shore.

I discovered a land more honest and pure

With plenty of sand and the most important cure:

Freedom from fear with time to spare

A peaceful mind and a healthy soul,

Excited to explore and ready for more….

 I wrote this exactly 13 years ago from today, which marked the end of depression’s control of me. I am elated that with each new day, I feel more peace and positive energy. Yes, I still slip and fall into holes, but the holes are not as cavernous as the ones that swallowed me before. They are so much smaller, that I can climb out of them faster using my own two hands. There is a light that guides me at every turn. I see it every day now. It makes life’s mysterious feel solved and my virtue freed. I can’t tell how wonderful it feels to finally believe…to believe in musing down Rabbit Holes or flying with Tinker Bell….to being Queen for the day or Pooh’s best friend. I believe in Magic again and I have found a Rainbow’s end.