I am feminist trained but purport I am a “Humanist,” partially to avoid the stigma but mostly I had thought Humanist was more apt toward my goals: I want to improve all human’s quality of living and respect everyone’s needs and rights regardless of sex, age, creed, race, or sexual orientation. Listening to this following TED talk made me feel proud to be a feminist. I am grateful to the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Colorado State University for this gift of awareness as well as informing me of the Feminist continuum which indeed includes all of humanity, especially those who are marginalized and vulnerable.  And thank you for my logic professor at Clemson University that gave me the know how to understand that being a Humanist and Feminist can be mutually inclusive as well as many other things like how I am pro-life and pro-choice (I have my own TED Talk on mind for that one).