“One of the great challenges of being a parent is exercising authority in a mature and present manner. This challenge is perhaps greatest when we become frustrated, for it is during these times that we are more likely to be reactive, short tempered, and have available to us fewer cognitive resources to draw on to be reflective, rational, and kind. 

At the same time, it is during these moments of challenge that we teach our children, through our example, how to relate to such moments.  And indeed, how we react likely bears a resemblance to how our caregivers reacted years ago when we were young, and is being learned, today, by our children.  Neuroscience is revealing just how connected this exchange is, penetrating deeply into the structure and function of our children’s developing brains . . . and ours.” -Scott Roger

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I describe this situation to my child that when we feel stress, our brain gets flooded and it is hard to access our good and helpful files stored in our brain. It happens to me constantly especially being sleep deprived. I am queen of Reactivity and the Hypocrisy slaps me in the face almost instantly which then upsets me even more. You would think I would know by now but the Cycle of Abuse is so imbedded in my cells. It goes on and on till I stop, let go, breath and redirect my energy more positively. I just keep practicing and it is getting easier. My children brilliantly reveal to me daily how when I am patient, kind, and fear less, than understanding and compassion have more space to grow.