“When you share your grief, it is halved; but when you share your joy, it is doubled.” ~Native American proverb

Everyday may seem like too much, but if you have children, a partner, a parent, a sibling, or a co-worker then I know you are presented with this opportunity many, many times a day.  It seems sharing the joy is the fun and easy part although I still see many parents including my self smash joy like a fly. When it comes to grief, we tend to “fight, flight, or freeze.” All normal reactions, yet what response from others would help you? Have you ever noticed that we are better at listening and empathizing with friends and even strangers? What makes this possible? 

For some raw examples of people’s pain, please check out http://wouldhavesaid.com/. In the end, we all suffer and feel the pain, regardless of its form or degree. I read letters from this website at least twice a week, and every time I read them I feel validated, blessed and motivated to give more.